Discussing and sharing good practices in investigative reporting project management

30.05.2023 Source: Арганізатары

Online workshop with Belarusian media professionals organized by the Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ) in partnership with the non-profit investigative journalism center Direkt36

Time: June 6, Tuesday, 2023 at 11:00 – 12:30 (CET)

Register at https://forms.gle/NYKqMAtMyfQNuaHQA by June 2, Friday, 2023.
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The production of in-depth and fact-based investigative stories requires a significant amount of time and resources on behalf of independent media outlets. In that respect, newsrooms and investigative reporting teams face numerous dilemmas:

How to select topics and stories which have been matured for a proper inquiry?

When to drop a project idea because in the process of research the subject has turned out not to be so relevant, certain conditions are hindering appropriate fact-checking or the investigation would not lead to the anticipated results?

How to conduct a preliminary query?

What kinds of tools are to be applied (e.g. request of data of public interest, big data analysis, in-depth interviews, background discussions, observation of subjects and venues)?

What research  methods may work in an inimical political environment?

What are the most efficient ways of desktop research and field work?

How to put together a story line and present the outcome in order to outreach a wider audience?

Among other issues these questions will be tackled at the workshop to be led by seasoned Hungarian investigative journalist, András Pethő. The participants will be asked to select and briefly present (in 3 minutes) an investigative story they or their newsrooms have worked on.

András Pethő is a co-founder, editor and executive director of Direkt36. Previously, he was a senior editor for leading Hungarian news site Origo before it had been transformed into the government’s propaganda outlet. He also worked for the BBC World Service in London and was a reporter at the investigative unit of The Washington Post. He has contributed to several international reporting projects, including The Panama Papers. He twice won the Soma Prize, the prestigious annual award dedicated to investigative journalism in Hungary. He was a World Press Institute fellow in 2008, a Humphrey fellow at the University of Maryland in 2012/13, and a Nieman fellow at Harvard University in 2019/20. András has taught journalism courses at Hungarian universities.


Direkt36 is a non-profit investigative journalism center in Hungary with the mission to expose wrongdoings and abuse of power through fair but tough reporting, a kind of journalism that is vital for any democracy. The center provides the Hungarian and international audience with in-depth accountability reporting that most of the Hungarian media outlets do not have the resources to pursue. Direkt36 is not part of the competition of news organizations covering daily events, which allows us to focus our resources exclusively on conducting systematic investigations. Direkt36 actively participates in the work of a growing international investigative journalism community and publishes all of their stories also in English. Some of their recent articles dealt in depth with Hungarian-Polish and Hungarian-Russian relations. See:




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