Currently there are 2 journalists in custody

17.08.2020 Source: BAJ News Service

On Friday, 14 August, during a meeting with the Ministry of Information BAJ handed over the lists of detained journalists and insisted on their release. Recently, the majority of the detained and arrested journalists were released. However, the sentences that had been pronounced to them were not canceled, and they might be sent back to jail to serve their jail terms any time.

Currently there are 2 journalists in custody. 

Also the member of the BAJ blogger Andrei Pauk there is in custody.

Besides that, about ten bloggers and Telegram channels administrators, detained before the Election Day, are still kept in jail.

PA "BAJ" is aware of the 69 cases of journalists being detained since 9 August. 36 of them were beaten and injured. In particular, 2 journalists were wounded Natalia Lubneuskaya of NN.BY was wounded by a rubber bullet in the leg on August 10, and Emilie van Outeren was injured in the thigh with an unknown shell while covering protests on August 9.