Convicted journalist Ihar Losik summoned to Baranavichy court

02.03.2023 Source: Радыё Свабода

RFE/RL journalist Ihar Losik was detained on 25 June 2020 and is now serving a 15-year sentence. He has recently been summoned to Baranavichy District Court hearing in March for the consideration of the debt recovery case.

Losiks’ property was sequestered towards debt repayment

In addition to huge sentences, defendants in the “Tsikhanouski case” were ruled to pay 22 million rubles of damages, “to compensate the long hours the Interior Ministry staff had to work in the post-election period.” In the middle of July 2022, bailiffs came to Ihar’s home in Baranavichy to sequester the property towards repayment of his debt to the state. To redeem the property confiscated by the state, Ihar Losik had to obtain a permit. Brest Department of Corrections did not respond to the political prisoner’s petition, and his property was put up for auction.

Now Ihar is summoned to court in person.

Losiks’ daughter is unlikely to see her father over bureaucratic obstacles

In March, Ihar Losik’s parents are supposed to see him on a long-term visit. The political prisoner asked to bring his 4-year-old daughter Paulinka. The girl was left without both parents following their arrest. But bureaucratic obstacles are likely to prevent Paulinka from coming – under the law, a child can visit a parent in a penitentiary only when accompanied by another parent or legal guardian.

The girl’s mother Daria Losik is behind bars. On 19 January 2022, Brest Regional Court sentenced her to two years in jail. Daria’s parents took custody of their granddaughter. They can’t visit Ihar since only immediate family is allowed to do so. Ihar’s parents cannot take Paulinka with them because they are not formally her guardians.

Ihar and Daria exchanged first letters

Following the conviction of Daria Losik, the spouses were allowed to correspond with each other. Ihar wrote over 20 letters to his wife, but she only received one. Ihar was also handed just one response from her.