Congratulations to Sviatlana Alexievich with Nobel Prize in Literature

08.10.2015 Source: Press service of BAJ


BAJ congratulates Sviatlana Alexievich with winning the Nobel Prize in Literature which was announced today by the Swedish Academy.

Doznes of colleagues, friends, journalists met Sviatlana Alexievich near the editorial office of Nasha Niva where the writer was going to give an online interview.

"I am extremely happy for Sviatlana as a creator, as a writer, as a person," said Zhanna Litvina, ex-chair of BAJ.

"For me personally Sviatlana is a subtle connoisseur of a human nature. Each her line compels to think. She can touch the most sensitive strings, raise the deepest feelings of the mind. She makes her readers realize what they have only felt by intuition...   

Many years ago I was lucky to be together with Valiantsin Taras and Sviatlana Alexievich in Germany - there were also many meetings with the public, the readers. But most of all I remembered the minutes free from the meetings, when the two intellectuals started to talk. And I, as the only listener of the dialogues, had the only wish - not to disturb the harmonic flow of the thoughts, and just listen."