CJE leaves the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe because of the non-expulsion of Russia

24.10.2022 Source: КЖЕ

On October 21 the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE), during their general meeting, considered the complaint by the Commission on Journalism Ethics regarding the expulsion from the alliance of the Russian Public College on Press Complaints. However, according to the results of secret ballot, the necessary number of votes for the expulsion was not collected.  

As early as last April, the CJE suggested that russia’s representatives should be expelled from the AIPCE because of failing to act in regard to the many-year lies, manipulations, and flaring up hate speech in Russian media in relation to Ukraine.   

The Russian College claims they are an independent public institution although in reality they are a propaganda moutjpiece of the Kremlin. In particular, since the armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine started, the College has not adopted a single resolution or statement on Russian disinformation narratives. Even more, since 2020, well-known Putin propagandists Vladimir Pozner and Margarita Simonian have been members of this College. 

In relation with the above reasons, the Commission on Journalism Ethics announces the complete stop of its membership in the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (AIPCE). Russia’s participation in this organisation puts under doubt its capability to comply with the declared goals and contradicts the values of ethical journalism which are guiding us.  

After Ukraine has left the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe, its members are: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Ireland, Montenegro, Luxemburg, Moldova, The Netherlands, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, and Russia.