CEC Denied Information to Independent Newspaper

23.10.2015 Source: According to Nasha Niva, translation by BAJ Story: Доступ да інфармацыі


The independent newspaper Nasha Niva remarked that minutes at some polling stations were re-written after finalization of ballots count. The data publicized upon completion of counting of ballots at precinct electoral commissions did not coincide with respective results announced further at territorial electoral commissions.

This was not a single incident. For instance, the ballot count at PEC No 20 of the Central district in Minsk was observed by the Euroradio. The results were 67% to Lukashenko, 19% to Karatkevich, 11% against all, 1-2% to Haidukevich and Ulakhovich each. However, the results in the chart of the TEC show only 5% to Tatsiana Karatkevich at PEC No20, whereas number “against all” raised to 20%. The discrepancy was noticed from a chart of a Latvian blogger who wrote he had been present at summing up the election results at TEC of the Central district. He underlined that he took down the results by ear and advised crosschecking the minutes of the respective polling stations.

Also, at polling station No23 of the Central district there was a discrepancy for figures of the turnout: the PEC minutes registered the turnout of 918 voters, whereas in the chart of the TEC the figure was 1014 people (the editorial office says they have a copy of the minutes).

This was what Nasha Niva wanted to do: the editorial office requested a possibility from Lidziya Yarmoshyna to see the minutes of all polling stations in the capital. The reply from Lidziya Yarmoshyna says that CEC does not have the documents – they stayed at the Minsk City Commission. And the city commission ceased its work, no one picks up the phone.

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