Blogger Andrei Pavuk gets 15 days of jail

07.08.2020 Source: BAJ Monitoring Service

 In Aktsiabrski, Homel region, the police detained a local blogger and BAJ member Andrei Pavuk. He is charged with failure to obey the police. He was detained on August 7, his wife Volha reported.

In the evening BAJ learned that Andrei had been sentenced to 15 days of arrest.

Фото: Ольга Паук

Aktsiabrski police refused to provide any information to BAJ about the detained blogger.

It seems that the police detained the well-known blogger, along with his colleagues and activists, 'preventively', to hinder the spread of information about the voting results.

This is not Andrei's first detention in the run up to important events in the country. Also, he received numerous threats by email and was even accused of alleged calling in a fake bomb threat. The police failed to find those who organized provocations and personal threats against Pavuk.

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