Belarusian TV Channels Won’t Broadcast the Nobel Prize Ceremony

04.12.2015 Source: Press service of BAJ

The Belarusian TV and Radio Company, and main Belarusian TV channels ONT and STV are not planning to broadcast the Nobel Award Ceremony where the Belarusian writer Sviatlana Alexievich will receive the Nobel Prize in literature.

The information was reported by Tut.by, quoting the press service of the channels. The information appeared after on December 1, the Belarusian Language Society appealed to the channel administration to organize the broadcasting of the event because of its historic importance.

“The Belarusian TV and Radio Company did not plan to buy the rights to broadcast the Nobel Award Ceremony because of certain organizational, technical, financial and legal issues,” said the spokesperson for the company Sviatlana Smalonskaja-Krasouskaja.

In an interview on December 2, Sviatlana Alexievich said that her Nobel Prize speech could be quite tough. “It will be a story about what I’ve been doing for 40 years, a story about the “red man” which I describe in my books and who keeps living in each of us. I will tell also about the modern Belarus, about the young people who went out to the squares to fight for freedom of their country,” she said.

The ceremony will be broadcast on the Internet, the lecture on literature on December 7 and the ceremony on December 10:



Belsat TV channel also organizes re-broadcasting of the ceremony, with translation of the most interesting pieces into Belarusian.

There will also be collective watching of the lecture and the ceremony.

There is a discussion going on in social nets about holding a flash mob Celebrating Nobel Together.