Belarusian authorities block access to website of Russia’s Regnum news agency

01.11.2021 Source: BelaPAN

The website of Russia’s Regnum news agency stopped being accessible to users in Belarus on Saturday. 

The reason behind the block was not immediately known.

In February 2018, three Belarusian contributors to Regnum were each sentenced to a suspended prison term of five years with three years’ probation on a charge of incitement to hatred. The convicts — Siarhiej Šypcienka, Juryj Paŭlaviec and Dzmitryj Alimkin — filed an appeal, but the Supreme Court of Belarus upheld the sentence in June 2018.

The three men positioned themselves as supporters of the so-called Russian world, criticizing the Belarusian government for its alleged rapprochement with the West. They were arrested in December 2016 and held in custody pending their trial. 

Earlier this month, three other news websites were made inaccessible to users in Belarus by order of the country’s information ministry.

The sites are those of Belarus’ newspaper NovyČas, as well as of Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle and of Current Time TV, a Russian-language television channel launched by U.S.-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty with participation of Voice of America.

Dozens of news websites have been blocked in Belarus following the August 2020 presidential election.