Belarusian Association of Journalists celebrates its 25th anniversary!

16.09.2020 Source: BAJ Press Service

For 25 years, BAJ has been keeping guard over the rights and interests of our colleagues.

With respect and gratitude we remember the fathers of BAJ — 38 persons, who founded the organization on 16 September 1995.

Today BAJ represents over 1300 journalists, editors, photographers, lawyers, and other professionals who do real journalism. BAJ means protection of rights, education, a team of media professionals, and a community of colleagues and friends.

The Belarusian Association of Journalists is a member of the International and European Federations of Journalists, IFEX, and the Reporters Without Borders network.

We had both joyful and tragic days during the 25 years of our history.

We had successful lawsuits, released journalists, and large-scale international campaigns. But we also had killed and missing colleagues, months and years in prison, and shut down and blocked publications. With pain and sorrow we remember all of our colleagues who have passed away over the years.

But memories make only one part of today. There is a war against journalists in Belarus now. Law enforcement agencies detain our colleagues, beat them, throw them in jail, and break their equipment.

In such circumstances, BAJ decided to cancel the celebration and dedicate this day to our members. Everyone who has been illegally detained. Beaten. Convicted. Who had their equipment broken or seized, or whose websites were blocked. Who were not let to print or distribute their newspapers. Everyone who does real and truthful journalism.

We are proud of you, colleagues!

This is your day!

BAJ — 25 years together!


Send your wishes to our colleagues at or post them on your social media with #БАЖ25РАЗАМ hashtag — and we will publish them on our website.