BelaPAN Chief Suspected of Grand Tax Evasion

15.06.2018 Source: Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalist Story: Гучныя справы

Ales Lipai, head of the Belarusian independent news agency BelaPAN , is suspected of tax evasion. Tut.by learned that from Yuri Kardymon, the spokesman of the State Control Committee's Department for Financial Investigations.  Lipai was released after questioning in the Department's office.  The interrogation lasted about two and a half hours.

Алесь Ліпай

According to the Department for Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee, criminal charges under Article 243 part 2 (grand tax evasion) have been brought against Lipai.

The sanctions provide for up to 7 years of imprisonment with seizure of property.

The criminal investigation was launched on June 12, 2018. The criminal charges are grounded on the materials received from the tax authorities on Lipai's failure to pay income tax on the income earned abroad.

"The Financial police has reliable information that Ales Lipai, having received income amounting to more than 1.3 million rubles from non-residents of the Republic of Belarus in 2016-2017, deliberately failed to submit on time tax returns to the local inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties and did not pay income tax. By doing so, he evaded payment of income taxes totaling more than 173 thousand BYN"- states the Department for Financial Investigation.

The Department also notes that Ales Lipai admitted the violation of legislation after it was detected and paid income tax and a penalty of over 191 thousand BYN on June 12. However, given that the damage in the form of unpaid income tax exceeded 1000 base values (24.5 thousand BYN), regardless of its subsequent financial compensation, the police, in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedures, must implement criminal proceedings to clarify the circumstances of recieving the funds.

Now the State Control Committee's body of financial investigation is carrying out investigative and other procedural actions.

This morning, June 14, the police searched the apartment of Ales Lipai  - it lasted nearly seven hours. Then the police took BelaPAN's head for an interrogation.

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