Bastunets and Radzevičius have agreed on cooperation of journalistic organizations

21.08.2017 Source: Press service of BAJ

Chairman of the public organization "Belarusian Association of Journalists" Andrei Bastunets and Chairman of the “Lithuanian Union of Journalists” Dainius Radzevičius discussed in Vilnius the cooperation issues of journalistic organizations of Lithuania and Belarus.

The leaders of journalist organizations agreed to hold in nearest future a comparative analysis of media legislation in the neighboring countries, its practical application and also to share experience of self-regulation body’s work in Lithuania and Belarus.

"From the point of view of state regulation of the media activity in our countries everything is supposedly clear: Belarus in all ratings and indexes of freedom of expression occupies the last place, Lithuania is far ahead. But it is only a general impression, and we're going to test this axiom - the experts from both sides will answer the same questions, which will help to understand the difference in media sphere between nearest neighbors. Another interesting theme is a comparison of experience, empowerment and terms of work of BAJ Ethics Commission and bodies of the journalistic self regulation in Lithuania. Recently the issues of professional ethics as well as decisions of the BAJ commission on Ethics on individual cases were controversial for the journalistic community and even beyond. I hope that the results of the research will be presented in this autumn ", - Andrei Bastunets said.

For reference, according to the World Index of the freedom of speech, "Reporters Without Borders" (RSF), Belarus ranks 153th place out of 180.

Among former Soviet Union states, according to research, the best situation with the freedom of the press is in Estonia (12th place). Latvia - 28th place, Lithuania - 36th.

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