The BAJ Congress Voted for New Leadership of Belarusian Association of Journalists

23.04.2018 Source: Прэс-служба ГА "Беларуская асацыяцыя журналістаў"

The 10th Congress of Belarusian Association of Journalists was held in Minsk on April 20, 2018. During the gathering, new leadership of BAJ was elected. Andrei Bastunets was re-elected to hold the position of the BAJ Chairperson in 2018 – 2020.

75 delegates out of 80 nominated BAJ members took part in the Congress.

The Congress participants commemorated the BAJ members, who have passed away since three years, namely Aliaksei Karol, Hanna Volskaya, Zmitsier Sauka, Volha Karatkevich, Paval Sharamet, Yury Shapran, Uladzimir Zhyhulou, and Yauhien Sulyha.

The Congress delegates approved the reports of BAJ leadership, audit commission, and ethics commission. Also, all volunteers had opportunity to deliver their speeches during the general meeting.

A number of documents was adopted during the 10th Congress, including the Statement of the 10th BAJ Congress. The Statement draws special attention to the presently discussed amendments to the Belarus Media law by the Belarusian parliamentarians.

Among other, the Congress participants called upon the Belarusian authorities:

- to arrange broad discussion of proposed changes in the media law with participation of Belarusian and international experts, media sector representatives as well as business people and the civil society representatives;

- to update the draft amendments to Mass Media law before their second reading with all opinions taken into account;

- to admit the freelance journalists’ right to collect and disseminate freely information in the domestic and foreign media.

Moreover, the Congress resolution was adopted during the Congress.

The Congress delegates elected representatives of new managing bodies of BAJ.

In particular, the delegates elected Aliaksandr Starykevich, Alina Suravets, Aleh Aheyeu, and Barys Haretski to told the positions of Deputy Chairpersons of BAJ.

Also, the delegates elected the BAJ Board, that gathered the BAJ Chairperson and his Deputies as well as Anton Surapin, Yury Karmanau, Maryna Zahorskaya, Zhanna Litvina, Zoya Khrutskaya, Uladzimir Yanukevich, Iryna Vidanava, and Yuliya Slutskaya.

The BAJ Council gathered 33 people, including Yahor Martsinovich, Maryia Savushkina, Andrus Klikunou, Volha Khvoin, Alena Naskovich, Mikola Bianko, Maksim Khliabets, Alena Stsiapanava, Barys Vyrvich, Volha Baranouskaya, Tatsiana Smotkina, Henadz Kesner, Pavel Levinau, Aliaksei Minchonak, Maryia Eismant, Valiantsin Zhdanko, Sviatlana Harda, Viktoryia Chapleva, Uladzimir Dziuba, and Yulia Katarzynskaya.