After a 3-Month Lull, Journalists Prosecuted for Cooperation with Belsat

24.09.2019 Source: BAJ Monitoring Service

The authorities have resumed pressure on freelance journalists cooperating with Belsat. Mahiliou journalist is charged with making a video for Belsat about the newly appointed chief ideologist Andrei Kuntsevych.

September 19 freelance journalist Daria Chultsova was summoned to Bialynichy District Police Department. Junior police inspector, Lieutenant Paul Barashkou drew up a report of illegal production and distribution of media products.

It had to do with the story broadcast by Belsat TV on August 22, 2019 under the title"Belarus' New Chief Ideologist Andrei Kuntcevich. The Man Likely to Lead Young People"  .

The police handed Chultsova the summons to Bialynichy district court.  The hearing is scheduled for September 26 at 10 am.

In particular, the police report says that on 21 August Daria Chultsova interviewed people in Bialynichy High School № 1 thus illegally producing a media product, in violation of Article 22.9 part 2 of the Administrative Code.

Another person facing the same charges is Mahiliou journalist Mikhail Arshynski. It is yet not clear if his case will be heard on September 26, as he did not receive the summons.

On 18 September officer of the Leninski district police department of Mahiliou Yauhen Puhin was supposed to hand the summons to Arshynski, but instead he unexpectedly handed the document to Mahilliou journalist and human rights activist Alexander Burakou, Jr.


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