Repressions against journalists and media in Belarus 2022

Mass media in Belarus in 2022. Annual review Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2021 (chart) Mass media in Belarus in 2021. Annual review Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2020 (chart)

Ways to support independent media on February 9. And every day 31.12.2022

Ways to support independent media on February 9. And every day

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya made a global call to support independent media and journalists on the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus (February 9). February 9 will mark 1.5 years of peaceful protest against violence, lawlessness, and state terror in Belarus. "While the resistance of millions of Belarusians continues underground in various creative forms, independent media are at the forefront of the struggle. Courageous journalists, bloggers, and influential media figures keep up working in the country and exile, despite severe repression and personal insecurity."


Journalist Ivan Muraujou sentenced to 2.5 years in prison

A sentence has been passed on journalist, cameraman, and founder of Hookah No. 1 restaurant Ivan Muraujou. According to BAJ, he was found guilty of participating in an extremist formation and sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment.


Larysa Shchyrakova's son no longer in child care home

The son of detained ex-journalist Larysa Shchyrakova finally returned home, her family reported.


Journalist Yauhen Merkis spends four days in punishment cell

The political prisoner was put into segregation for "being unshaven." Now, he is in a regular cell and is feeling fine, Shtodnya reports. 


Belarus: 2022 another disastrous year for media freedom

Thirty-two journalists currently behind bars amidst continuing legal crackdown. As another devastating year for media freedom comes to a close in Belarus, the International Press Institute (IPI) and our global network today condemn the government’s relentless efforts at prosecuting, jailing and otherwise silencing journalists, as part of a wider campaign aimed at eliminating all forms of dissent in the country.


Journalist Siarhei Chyhryn detained for sharing extremist content

On 16 December, journalist, local historian and writer Siarhei Chyhryn was detained in Slonim.


Criminal proceedings against journalist Dashchynski dismissed

The criminal prosecution of journalist Ales Dashchynski has been terminated. His pledge not to leave the country is no longer binding, and the items seized during the search were returned to him, reports BAJ.


Art historian and theater critic Aliaksei Strelnikau dies suddenly

Art historian, theater critic, and journalist Aliaksei Strelnikau died unexpectedly at the age of 39, reported his colleagues and friends.


In jail, in exile, or burned out. State of Belarusian independent media as we head into 2023

As the crackdown on independent media in Belarus continues for a third consecutive year, the state of journalism in the country is dire. With only a handful of independent journalists remaining within the country working anonymously, and 32 of their colleagues behind bars, the future of journalism in Belarus looks bleak. The Fix analysed the state of Belarusian independent media at the end of 2022 – and tried to find bright spots.