BelaPAN staff searched and interrogated Accountant, director and former director of the news agency have been detained

BelaPAN news agency staff were raided in the morning of August 18. Two people were detained and placed in the detention center BelaPAN website can't be reached at and both from Belarus and abroad.


Judge slaps “extremist” label on, one more site linked to team

Minsk, 13 August. A judge of the Centraĺny District Court in Minsk on Friday applied an “extremist” label to, Belarus’ most popular independent news portal, and, a website launched last month by some members of the team.


Supreme Court postpones hearing on closure of Belarusian Association of Journalists

The Supreme Court postponed the hearing of the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Justice to liquidate BAJ to August 27 as BAJ had appealed against the Ministry's warning, the formal reason to ask for the shut down of BAJ.


Belarusian PEN Center liquidated by Supreme Court

Minsk, 9 August. Judge Hanna Sakaloŭskaja of the Supreme Court of Belarus on Monday ordered the Belarusian PEN Center liquidated at the request of the justice ministry, according to the organization’s deputy chairperson, Tacciana Niadbaj.


Figures of the year. Unprecedented repressions against journalists since August 2020

BAJ presents data on an unprecedented wave of repression against the media in Belarus.


Novy Čas photojournalist Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ sentenced to 15 days in jail

Minsk, 5 August. Dzmitryj Dzmitryjeŭ, a photojournalist with the newspaper Novy Čas, was sentenced to 15 days in jail on Thursday on a charge of disobeying police orders, reported the publication.


Journalist Siarhiej Hardzijevič given 18-month prison sentence

Minsk, 2 August. Siarhiej Hardzijevič, a reporter with the website Pieršy Rehijon that covers local news in the Brest region, was sentenced Monday to 18 months in a minimum-security correctional institution for allegedly insulting and defaming Aliaksandr Lukašenka, as well as insulting two police officers in a Telegram chat, reported Pieršy Rehijon.


BAJ received letter from Supreme Court with date of preliminary hearing on liquidation of BAJ

On July 30, BAJ received a letter from the Supreme Court with the date of the preliminary hearing on the liquidation of BAJ.


Detained Naša Niva journalist Andrej Skurko diagnosed with pneumonia

Andrej Skurko, head of the online publication Naša Niva’s advertising and marketing department, has been diagnosed with pneumonia.


Detained Naša Niva employee Andrej Skurko is thought to have COVID-19

Minsk, 27 July. Andrej Skurko, head of the online publication Naša Niva’s advertising and marketing department, has been admitted to the medical unit of Pretrial Detention Center No. 1 in Minsk with “structural changes to the lungs” and suspected COVID-19.