Journalist Ales Lubianchuk sentenced to 3 years in prison

As it became known to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, Minsk City Court judge Alena Ananich found journalist Ales Lubianchuk guilty under Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (establishment of an extremist formation or participation in it). Ales was sentenced to 3 years in prison

EFJ патрабуе вызваліць асуджанага на 8 гадоў зняволення Сяргея Сацука 26.10.2022

EFJ and BAJ demand the release of Sergei Satsuk, sentenced to 8 years in prison

A court in Minsk sentenced investigative journalist Sergei Satsuk to eight years in prison on Wednesday. The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and its affiliate the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) denounce this illegitimate conviction and demand his immediate release.


Political prisoners Maryna Zolatava and Liudmila Chekina added to the “terrorist list”

The State Security Committee updated the list of “persons involved in terrorist activities.” Now it includes imprisoned TUT.BY journalists: editor-in-chief Maryna Zolatava and media outlet’s CEO Liudmila Chekina.


TUT.BY journalists Volha Loika and Alena Talkachova added to “terrorist list”

Former TUT.BY journalists Volha Loika and Alena Talkachova are included by the State Security Committee (KGB) in the list of “persons involved in terrorist activities.” Their names appeared in the latest version of the list dated October 11 and published on the KGB website.


Several state radio hosts fired in Homel over support of protesters

Homel City Radio has fired several radio hosts over allegedly supporting the 2020 protesters. The day before, their names appeared in a post on a pro-government Telegram channel.


Belarusian journalists detained, forced to make ‘confession’ videos

Paris, October 12, 2022—Belarusian authorities are continuing their crackdown on the country’s independent media with a spate of fresh arrests and detentions of several journalists.