Belarus Blogger Wins The Bobs-2016 User Award in Russian

The blog of Viktar Malisheuski won the most voices in the international contest of Deutsche Welle The Bobs-2016 (Best of Online Activism) in the nomination "Best website or blog in the Russian language".


Investigative Committee Dismissed the Case of Pavel Dabravolski

After three months’ check-up, the investigative committee dismissed the claim of journalist Pavel Dabravolski that he had been unjustly beaten in court building.


E-NEWSLETTER: MASS MEDIA IN BELARUS Bulletin #1(47) (January – March 2016)

“There exists a certain probability that the Web-content will be tracked more actively than before, in order to stop dissemination of negative rumors or people’s self-organization attempts…”, - Pauliuk Bykouski, media expert.

Аўтар расследавання пра “чарнобыльскае” малако Юрась Карманаў: Гэта і ёсць грамадска значны інтарэс 27.04.2016

AP Report about Chernobyl Sparks Denials and Allegations of Provocation

Belarus authorities deny AP information that dairy products from a farm in the south of Belarus fall short of radioactive norms.


Brest Court Recognizes Two Books by Zianon Pazniak as Extremist Literature

On April 20, the Maskouski district court of Brest recognized two books by Zianon Pazniak "Good Photography" and "Defense of Kurapaty. People's Memorial" as extremist literature.

Кастусь Жукоўскі 18.04.2016

Recidivist from Journalism (interview from Abajour, abridged)

Kastus Zhukouski manages to do journalism, civil activism and defense of his own rights. Local law enforcement agencies take his name as a synonym to the word “opposition”. He is not going to reassure them, though.

Гомельскіх фрылансераў аштрафавалі 18.04.2016

Homel Freelancers Fined for 35 Basic Amounts Each

On April 15, the judge of the Central district court of Homel Aliaxei Piskunou fined Larysa Shchyrakova and Kastus Zhukouski for 35 basic amounts each under art. 22.9 of the Code of Administrative Violations for an article about the arrival to Homel of Jean-Yves Bouchardy, representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Мінчука адправілі на прымусовае лячэнне пасля абразаў на адрас Прэзідэнта 13.04.2016

Citizen Sentenced to Forced Medical Treatment for Insult of President and Judges

On April 12, the Frunzenski district court of Minsk found Aliaksandr Lapitski guilty according to articles 368, 369 and 361 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (public insult against the president, public officials and judges while performing professional duties).

У Мінск прыехаў гендырэктар МІА «Россия Сегодня» 07.04.2016

Russian Propagandist Visits Minsk to Launch a News Portal

Dmitri Kiselyov, the director general of the Russian state-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya, came to present an online portal which will be shaping “a just image of Russia”.