EFJ Appeals to Lukashenka to Introduce Freelance Journalists into Law

On November 26, the head of the European Federation of Journalists Mogens Blicher Bjerregård sent a letter to Alexander Lukashenka asking to introduce the definion of freelance journalists into the media law of Belarus.


Ministry of Information Blocks 40 Websites, 11 of them Extremist

In 2015, the Ministry of Information restricted access to 40 websites, says Lilija Ananič in the reply to BAJ request sent on November 5.


Two Books by Pazniak Claimed to Be Extremist

The expert commission of the Brest region held an assessment of three books authored by Zianon Pazniak and claimed that two of them contained signs of extremism; the commission applied to the Maskouski district court of Brest to recognize the books extremist and to ban them.

Міліцыя правярае пасведчанні ў журналістаў. Фота "Радыё Свабода" 25.11.2015

Journalists Accused of Participation in an Unsanctioned Protest Action (Upd)

  On the evening November 24, the police drew up administrative reports against some journalists who covered an action of protest in Minsk.


Freelance Journalists in Homel Complain to Prosecutor General

  Natallia Kryvashei, Larysa Shchyrakova and Kastus Zhukouski are trying to appeal against the fines imposed on them according to art. 22.9 of the Administrative Code for cooperation with Belsat TV channel.



Brief background information about the Presidential Election-2015 in Belarus. Situation in Mass Media Field on the Eve of Presidential Election-2015 (Background of Election Campaign). Observation of Journalist and Media Rights during the Presidential Election Campaign.


Printing House Forced to Destroy Book by Vital Silitski

  The post-mortem edition of the book by political scientist Vital Silitski “Long road from tyranny: post-Communist authoritarianism and fighting for democracy in Serbia and Belarus” was published by magazine ARCHE in October 2015.


Belarusian Customs Office Seize“Extremist” Products from Ukrainian Journalists

  The information appeared on Facebook page of Alexander Doniy: he and four his colleagues were going to Vilnius via Belarus with the cultural program Last Barricade which is broadcast on the Ukrainian Central channel.


Mass Media Week in Belarus. Info-posting October 26 – November 8, 2015

The UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus Miklós Haraszti presented the report on freedom of expression in Belarus to the UN General Assembly. Independence of the media in Belarus is impossible because of the permit-based nature of registration and arbitrary rules for withdrawal of licenses, says the report. The main conclusions of the report are as follows: there is no pluralism of mass media; Belarus is the only country in Europe without private all-national broadcasters; the government is a direct regulator for all types of mass media; critical expression and investigations are obstructed through criminalization of contents regarded as “harmful for the state”, with the help of the articles on criminal defamation and insult of public officials, in particular, of the president.


Stand Up For Online Freedom

On November 5, BAJ held an online conference on questions of regulating ByNet.