BAJ pleades with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health Care, Department of Corrections for hospitalizing Andrzej Paczobut

BAJ letter with the request to hospitalize political prisoner, journalist Andrzej Paczobut, who has got Covid-19 in jail, and also has heart problems, was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health Care, the Department of Corrections and its structural subdivisions — Minsk and Minsk region office, and Zhodzina prison number 8, where the journalist is kept.


MFA brings Raman Pratasevich to briefing. He states he is not betraying anyone "but just cooperating with investigation"

At the beginning of the briefing, it was stated that "Mr. Pratasevich wanted to talk to the media, and we found a legal way to do that."  Recalled, Raman is being held in jail.

 Joint call to make press freedom a cornerstone of all demands towards Belarus 10.06.2021

Joint call to make press freedom a cornerstone of all demands towards Belarus

The hijacking of a plane and kidnapping of editor and blogger Raman Pratasevich is viewed by the free expression, press freedom and journalists’ community as the outrageous climax of a broader campaign against media freedom in Belarus that drastically intensified after the August 2020 election. Free Press Unlimited co-wrote a joint call to make respect for press freedom a cornerstone of all demands towards Belarus.


A statement in support of arrested media workers — Justice for Journalists Foundation

 The Justice for Journalists Foundation and its Media Risk Map partners monitoring attacks on media workers in the post-Soviet space call on international organisations and governments of all countries to do their utmost to secure the early release of all incarcerated media workers and to end the barbaric violations of their rights. According to the JFJ’s experts, at least 84 media workers from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Crimea, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are awaiting trial in detention or under house arrests, or have already been sentenced to long-term imprisonment and are held in prisons and prison camps.  Доклад Фонда «Справедливость для журналистов» о атаках на медиаработников в Беларуси

Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2021 (chart) 05.06.2021

Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2021 (chart)

FIGURES OF THE YEAR. Repression of media and journalists in Belarus in 2020 Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2020 (chart) In 2020, 480 detentions of journalists were recorded; In 2020, there were 97 cases of journalists serving administrative arrests; In 2020, journalists spent more than 1,200 days behind bars; In 2020, after election day on August 9, at least 62 cases of physical violence against journalists were recorded. The list includes incidents which the Belarusian Association of Journalists regards as violations of journalists' rights, committed by representatives of the authorities.


Sports journalists Ivulin, Pisarenka arrested in Minsk

Minsk, 3 June. Sports journalists Aliaksandr Ivulin and Jaraslaŭ Pisarenka were arrested in Minsk on Thursday, according to media reports.


Popular TV personality Dzianis Dudzinski and his wife questioned by financial police

Minsk, 3 June. Popular TV host, actor and singer Dzianis Dudzinski and his wife, Kaciaryna Rajeckaja, were questioned by officers of the State Control Committee’s Department for Financial Investigations on Wednesday.


Medicines not given to jailed Polish activist Andrzej Poczobut after alleged refusal to leave country

Andrzej Poczobut, a political prisoner and member of the Union of Poles in Belarus, is reportedly being deprived of necessary medicines behind bars.


OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media urges immediate and unconditional release of all detained journalists in Belarus

 The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, urged today the public authorities in Belarus to free all journalists and other media workers who have been sentenced, arrested or detained in the country. Most of these journalists were apprehended for their reporting on public events and other political developments in the country, reports OSCE.