TUT.BY Journalist Detained While Performing Her Duties, Now In Court

TUT.BY journalist Lyubov Kasperovich is being tried in the Moskovsky District Court. She is accused of participating in an unauthorized mass event.

TUT.BY Journalist Borisevich Transferred To Gomel Women’s Colony 17.05.2021

TUT.BY Journalist Borisevich Transferred To Gomel Women’s Colony

As TUT.BY learned, recently our colleague Katerina Borisevich was transferred to the women’s colony in Gomel. Katerina was sentenced to six months of imprisonment in the so-called “0 ‰ of alcohol” case. The term of imprisonment expires on 19 May, that is, in two days she must be released.


Journalists Alexander Burakou and Uladzimir Laptsevich punished with 20-day arrests, report torture following detention

Journalist Alexander Burakou, who collaborates with Deutsche Welle, received 20 days of administrative arrest for alleged "repeated participation in an unauthorized event within a year". Burakou was detained on May 12 near Mahiliou regional court building. Uladzimir Laptsevich, reporter of received a similar sentence — 20 days of arrest.


Belarus repression intensifies: 16 journalists behind bars

Lukashenko‘s regime is intensifying its crackdown on Belarusian journalists and citizens. In the last few days, the police have made several administrative arrests, bringing the number of journalists deprived of their freedom to 16.

Возле Дома правосудия задержали журналистку TUT.BY Любовь Касперович, она в РУВД 14.05.2021

Students’ Case Trial: Police Disperse And Detain Supporters, TUT.BY Journalist

On 14 May, the Oktyabrsky District Court of Minsk begins to consider the “case of students” who were detained last November and accused of organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order. There are 12 accused in total: ten students from different Minsk universities, a medical graduate and a teacher at BSUIR. For more than six months they have been in jail. By the beginning of the first session, more than a hundred people had come to the courthouse, but only some of them managed to get inside. Journalists of independent media and even some relatives of the accused had to wait outside. Police asked the crowd to disperse, after which the arrests took place.


Minsk police detain photo reporter Tatsyana Kapitonava who worked at conference

On Thursday. freelance photographer Tatsyana Kapitonava was detained at Startup Family coworking in Minsk, the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) reports.

Задержанных в Могилеве журналистов поместили в изолятор 13.05.2021

Journalists trying to cover trial in Mahiliou detained and placed in custody

The Mahiliou journalists reporting on the trial of opposition activists Seviarynets, Afnahel and others to remain in jail until their own hearing.

Барановичская газета Intex-press получила еще один штраф за «экстремистское» интервью с Тихановской 07.05.2021

Ministry of Information warns Intex-press. Beldruk kiosks refuse to sell the paper

Intex-press, Baranavichy independent newspaper continues to experience pressure after publishing an interview with former presidential candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.


Integrity. Strength. Yulia VIDEO

"There is nothing impossible for her" — a story about the founder of the Press Club, Yulia Slutskaya. Four months after the Belarusian presidential elections, the founder of Press Club Belarus, Yulia Slutskaya, and three members of her team —  Financial Director Sergei Olshevsky, Programme Director Alla Sharko and Yulia's son Photographer Pyotr Slutsky — were arrested on charges of tax evasion and have been remanded in prison in Minsk since December 22, 2020.