Pavel Mazheika walks free!

Journalist Pavel Mazheika was released from the detention center today, as the police decided that "grounds for his detention disappeared".


German journalist detained in Minsk on March 27

Deutsche Welle correspondent Nicholas Connolly was detained during the coverage of the protest action on Bangalore Square in Minsk on March 27. He presented a German passport, his official accreditation and the inscription “Press” on his vest, the media reports, but was still detained.

Human Rights Watch выпустила доклад об эскалации давления на журналистов в Беларуси 29.03.2021

Human Rights Watch. Belarus: Crackdown on Independent Journalism

Belarusian authorities have escalated repression against independent journalists in the past five months, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities have arbitrarily detained and beaten journalists, imposed fines and prison sentences on politically motivated charges, revoked their media credentials, and raided their homes and offices.  


Journalist Andrei Paczobut detained for 72 hours as part of case "incitement to hatred"

In the morning the police came with a search warrant to the home of journalist Andrzej Paczobut, his wife Aksana managed to report. The search is done as part of a criminal case under Art. 130 ( "Incitement of hatred").

50 журналісцкіх саюзаў Еўропы выказваюць салідарнасць з беларускімі калегамі: “Журналісты – не злачынцы!” 25.03.2021

Belarus: leaders of journalists’ organisations in Europe call on heads of governments to take action

Leaders of 50 journalists’ unions and associations in 34 European countries today called on their governments to intensify pressure and take action in the face of constant violations of human rights and press freedom in Belarus. In a joint letter, they urge their head of government to demand from the Belarusian authorities the immediate release of the 12 imprisoned journalists and the withdrawal of administrative and criminal proceedings against Belarusian journalists.


Journalist Dzianis Ivashyn is political prisoner

Hrodna journalist Dzyanis Ivashin was detained on March 12. His latest article for "Novy Chas" was about former Ukrainian Berkut employees successfully got a job in the Belarusian police. He is also a journalist and editor of the Belarusian service of the InformNapalm website.

Investigative Committee Opens Criminal Case Against Blogger Anton Motolko 24.03.2021

Investigative Committee Opens Criminal Case Against Blogger Anton Motolko

The Investigative Committee of Belarus believes that blogger Anton Motolko is involved in a number of crimes, the press service of the agency reports.

Interpreter In Court For Slapping State TV Host During Mourning Rally 24.03.2021

Interpreter In Court For Slapping State TV Host During Mourning Rally

On 23 March, the court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk began to consider the case of interpreter Olga Kalatskaya, who is accused of malicious hooliganism. She allegedly hit STV employee Grigory Azarenok several times during one of the rallies. The state prosecution requested two years of restricted freedom in an open penitentiary for a slap in the face.

Hazeta Slonimskaya reporter in Masty Yazep Palubiatka does not return from questioning His apartment is searched 23.03.2021

Hazeta Slonimskaya reporter Yazep Palubiatka does not return from questioning. His apartment is searched

On Monday, March 22, Masty reporter of Hazeta Slonimskaya Yazep Palubiatka was summoned for questioning by the police. He entered the police station at 11 a.m. He did not return home that day.

Investigative Committee questioned BAJ chair Andrei Bastunets, again 22.03.2021

Investigative Committee questioned BAJ chair Andrei Bastunets, again

Bastunets was questioned as a witness on the morning of March 16, again. After that some of the seized items were returned.  "They returned only some of the documents — those that were in the safe box, including employment records, and statutory documents," -- Bastunets said.