Report: Women journalists are frontline warriors at the protests and in prisons in Belarus

Amidst all these censorship and harassment tactics the women journalists are risking their lives when they cover the protests and report on the state’s atrocities from the frontlines. Many women journalists have been detained and forced to stay silent. In detentions, they suffer assaults at the hands of authorities. Some of the excruciating details of the tortures in these detention centers were also exposed by the women journalists.


Minsk: 15-day jail terms for Belsat TV support staff

On Monday, Tsentralny district court of Minsk started hearing the cases of Belsat TV support staff detained on May, 21.


The host of the “Frankly Speaking” program left Belarus for security reasons. Now her relatives are being persecuted

The host of “Frankly Speaking” TV show on Belsat TV Arina Malinovskaya left Belarus because of possible persecution by the Belarusian authorities. But now her relatives are also in danger.

Minsk: Reporter Ales Silich detained for ‘picketing’. He just had historical emblem on passport cover 25.05.2021

Minsk: Reporter Ales Silich detained for ‘picketing’. He just had historical emblem on passport cover

On May 21, the Minsk police detained freelance journalists Ales Silich and Natallya Valakida; they were taken to Pershamayski district police department.


Journalist Artsiom Mayorau arrested for 15 days

Artsiom Mayorau (European Radio for Belarus) was sentenced to 15 days of jail for alleged "disorderly conduct".


TUT.BY journalist Adaria Hushtyn was released after interrogation

The Department of Financial Investigations is interrogating journalist Adaria Hushtyn. She is a witness in the case against the leadership of TUT.BY. After 20:00 the interrogation ended, the journalist was released.