Top Belarusian and Ukrainian media use the Russian language a lot – can they abandon it?

Even amidst Russia’s invasion, the Russian language is difficult to abandon for Ukrainian media – and more so for Belarusian outlets


Journalist Ksenia Lutskina sentenced to 8 years in prison

Judge Tatsiana Falkouskaya passed the verdict today.


“They hold up well and don’t lose hope.” Latest news from imprisoned journalists

As of today, the Belarusian authorities hold 31 journalists behind bars. BAJ got in touch with relatives, friends, and colleagues of most imprisoned journalists and collected the latest news from them.


Journalist Pavel Mazheika recognized as political prisoner

The Belarusian human rights community issued a joint statement on September 20.


Bobruisky Kurier chief editor Anatol Sanatsenka detained

As BAJ learned from Babruisk journalists, Sanatsenka was arrested for 15 days under unascertained circumstances.


Remembrance Day for Fallen Journalists of Ukraine marked by exhibition presenting work of media workers during the war in Vilnius

Every year on the third Friday of September in Ukraine, Remembrance Day for Fallen Journalists is celebrated. It was established at the initiative of the National Union of Journalists to pay homage to colleagues who died in the line of duty. Commemorative events are traditionally held on the anniversary of the disappearance of Georgiy Gongadze.

Журналіст Яўген Меркіс — у ізалятары, у Гомелі прайшлі ператрусы па ягонай крымінальнай справе 15.09.2022

Journalist Jauhen Merkis is in detention, searches are underway in connection with his criminal case

Journalist and local historian Jauhen Merkis from Homel was detained on September 13. The policemen also searched the apartment Jauhen rents and seized data carriers.