Bobruisky Kurier chief editor Anatol Sanatsenka detained

As BAJ learned from Babruisk journalists, Sanatsenka was arrested for 15 days under unascertained circumstances.


Remembrance Day for Fallen Journalists of Ukraine marked by exhibition presenting work of media workers during the war in Vilnius

Every year on the third Friday of September in Ukraine, Remembrance Day for Fallen Journalists is celebrated. It was established at the initiative of the National Union of Journalists to pay homage to colleagues who died in the line of duty. Commemorative events are traditionally held on the anniversary of the disappearance of Georgiy Gongadze.

Журналіст Яўген Меркіс — у ізалятары, у Гомелі прайшлі ператрусы па ягонай крымінальнай справе 15.09.2022

Journalist Jauhen Merkis is in detention, searches are underway in connection with his criminal case

Journalist and local historian Jauhen Merkis from Homel was detained on September 13. The policemen also searched the apartment Jauhen rents and seized data carriers.


Belarus: Journalist Denis Ivashin shockingly sentenced to 13 years in prison

The Grodno Regional Court sentenced, on Wednesday 14 September, the Belarusian journalist Denis Ivashin to 13 years and one month in prison. The European and International Federations of Journalists (EFJ-IFJ) join their affiliate in Belarus, the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), in denouncing this travesty of justice and demanding his immediate release. Help for the family of Denis Ivashin, a journalist on trial for “treason against the state”


BAJ reached out to UN Special Rapporteur regarding Dzianis Ivashyn's case

In a letter to the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, the Belarusian Association of Journalists told the officer about the gross violation of the right to freedom of expression of Belarusian journalist Dzianis Ivashyn. BAJ hopes for an immediate reaction from the UN Human Rights Council.


Imprisoned journalist Pavel Mazheika’s personal website launched on International Day of Solidarity of Journalists

On 30 August, a well-known public figure and journalist Pavel Mazheika was arrested in Hrodna. He is in custody in the local pre-trial detention center.


Belsat journalist Darya Chultsova released after two years in penal colony

Belsat TV journalist Darya Chultsova got released after serving a full two-year sentence in a women’s penal colony in Homiel. She was convicted, along with journalist Katsaryna Andreyeva, for covering the demonstrations in Minsk on November 15, 2020. The authorities accused them of controlling the riots. 27 media representatives remain in prisons in Belarus.

Шведскі інстытут FOJO святкуе 50-годдзе. 25 з іх ён дапамагае беларускаму медыясектару 02.09.2022

Swedish FOJO Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary. Half of that time, it supports Belarusian media sector

For half of its 50 years of activity, the Swedish Institute for Advanced Training of Journalists has closely cooperated with BAJ. During this time, literally all Belarusian independent editorial teams participated in FOJO’s educational programs.



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