Sports journalist sentenced to 15 days in jail over “extremist” content

According to the team, a judge of the Centraĺny District Court in Minsk found Mr. Masloŭski guilty of distributing extremist material, an offense penalized by the Civil Offenses Code’s Article 19.11. Mr. Masloŭski was arrested on September 6.


Press Club Belarus founder wins World Press Freedom Hero award

Press Club Belarus founder Julija Sluckaja has been announced the winner of the 2021 World Press Freedom Hero award.   Awarded by the International Press Institute (IPI), the World Press Freedom Hero award honors journalists who have made significant contributions to the promotion of press freedom, particularly in the face of great personal risk.


Police trash apartment of former TV presenter

Police raided  the Minsk home of former TV and radio presenter Kaciaryna Pytlieva, tearing the apartment apart in what looked like an act of retaliation.


Access to popular local news site blocked over “extremist” content

Minsk, 7 September. Access to the Media-Polesye online news publication has been blocked by decision of the Brest Regional Prosecutor’s Office, the Prosecutor General’s Office reported on Tuesday.


BelaPAN current and former directors charged with tax evasion

Minsk, 7 September. BelaPAN Director General Iryna Lieŭšyna and Dzmitryj Navažylaŭ, the news agency’s former director general, have been formally charged with tax evasion under Part Two of the Criminal Code’s Article 243, a source with knowledge of the matter told BelaPAN.


Another journalist linked to sports news site arrested over protests

Minsk, 7 September. Andrej Masloŭski, a journalist who worked for the now-blacklisted sports news website for more than a decade, was arrested on September 6.


Crackdown on independent journalists continues in Belarus

Minsk, 7 September. A criminal case has been opened against another journalist as the authorities’ crackdown on independent media outlets shows no signs of abating.


Authorities reject request for release of prominent journalist Andrej Skurko

The Investigative Committee of Belarus has turned down a request for the release of Andrej Skurko, a prominent journalist and the head of the online publication Naša Niva’s advertising and marketing department, according to the Belarusian Association of Journalists.


Authorities raid homes of sports journalists

Maksim Bierazinski, who heads the popular sports news website and is currently staying abroad, had his Minsk apartment searched on September, 1.


Media manager Andrei Aliaksandrau suspected of tax evasion

According to the lawyer of journalist and media manager Andrei Aliaksandrau, he is suspected of tax evasion that resulted in major damage.