Important! NN chief editor beaten during detention

Nasha Niva editor-in-chief Yahor Martsinovich was beaten during the detention, and received a head injury, reported in the editorial office of NN.


Journalists targeted by raids for second consecutive day UPDATED

Raids targeting journalists continued for a second day in Belarus on Friday.


Journalists and media searched and detained all over country

The authorities raided the homes and offices and detained my regional journalists yesterday.


Authorities block Naša Niva’s website, arrest its editor in chief UPDATED

Minsk, 8 July. Belarus’ authorities on Thursday blocked access to Naša Niva’s website and made arrests and conducted raids in what appeared to be a crackdown on the popular independent online publication.


The team of the former editorial staff of TUT.BY launches a new media

On May 18, 2021, the authorities sealed the office of the largest independent online media in Belarus — TUT.BY, detained everyone who was there and blocked access to the website. 15 people are still under arrest: current and former employees of TUT.BY, and its partners. According to the State Control Committee, a criminal case has been opened against the executives of TUT BY MEDIA LLC. It is Article 243 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus — «taxes and fees evasion at especially large scale». The process of declaring the informational products of the portal as extremist materials has also begun. Most of the editorial staff were forced to leave the country. All this time, the news of the portal is published only in official media accounts on social media and Telegram. Part of the team decided to continue full-fledged work on covering the situation in the country and is launching its own media —

7 ліпеня – дзень знікнення Дзмітрыя Завадскага 07.07.2021

21 Years Since Abduction of Dzmitry Zavadski

Today, 20 years turns since Dzmitry Zavadski disappeared; no body has been recovered, no full points in the criminal case. July 7 marks the 20th anniversary of the disappearance of our colleague Dmitry Zavadsky under unknown circumstances. In previous years, on July 7, we came with portraits of Dmitry to the home, where he came out that morning. But today it is impossible to guarantee the safety of colleagues while even standing silently with a portrait. But memory is impossible to kill. Steal. Detain, fine or throw for a day. Therefore, on July 7  we urge all colleagues to remember Dmitry Zavadsky at his workplace with a minute of silence. We remember!

У Брэсце затрыманы журналіст Алег Супрунюк 07.07.2021

Editor of news website Pieršy Rehijon arrested in Brest

 Alieh Supruniuk, an editor of the news website Pieršy Rehijon, was arrested at his home in Brest late on Tuesday.