Website Editor Fined for an Article about an Action

The Maladzechna district court found an editor of the regional website guilty for violating the law on mass events by publishing an article.

Блогеру Максіму Філіповічу далі яшчэ пяць сутак 23.03.2017

Blogger to Spend 19 Days in Jail

Blogger Maxim Filipovich was sentenced to 14 days’ arrest for participation in an unsanctioned mass event; but today a judge in another trial added 5 days more, reports the Radio Svaboda.


IFJ and EFJ Speak For Belarus Journalists

The International and European Federation of Journalists (IFJ and EFJ) have joined their affiliate, the Belarus Association of Journalists (BAJ), in expressing grave concerns over the latest detention of three journalists today, making a total of 31 detainees in the last three weeks.


Journalist Fined for Contribution to Belsat in Pinsk

Wednesday morning, Viktar Yarashuk was detained in Pinsk by plain-clothed persons and taken to te police department.


Repressions against journalists in Belarus in 2017 (Chart, updated)

The list includes incidents which the Belarusain Association of Journalists regards as violations of journalists' rights, committed by representatives of the authorities.


Information Ministry Warns Nasha Niva

The Ministry of Information issued a warning to Nasha Niva newspaper for eight comments on the website; the warning dated March 14 says the comments “might damage national interests of Belarus”.

Press conference on recent detentions of journalists 20.03.2017

Press conference on recent detentions of journalists

As of March 10, the monitoring service of BAJ registered 28 detentions of journalists. Mass media representatives were detained while covering street protests against decree No3.

Мининформ вынес предупреждение порталу TUT.BY 18.03.2017

Ministry of Information Warns Portal

The Ministry of Information issued a warning to for a report about Belarusian volunteers at Donbass war fighting for Ukraine; the respective letter was sent to the editorial office of the website on March 17, the warning was dated March 14.

Журналістаў «Белсату» затрымалі ў Барысаве 18.03.2017

Four TV Crews Detained on Saturday

TV crews contributing to Belsat were briefly detained on March 18 throughout Belarus; the journalists aimed to report on protest actions announced by anarchist groups thoughout the country.

Вярхоўны суд прыпыніў выкананне рашэння па справе “Мілкавіты” супраць Карманава 16.03.2017

AP protests ruling against reporter over Chernobyl story

MOSCOW (AP) — The Supreme Court of Belarus on Thursday upheld a lower court decision ordering The Associated Press' Minsk correspondent to write a letter to AP management denying facts in a story last year. AP is protesting the ruling against reporter Yuras Karmanau, saying it stands behind the accuracy of his story.