Wife of political prisoner Ihar Losik: "They organized a torture chamber for my husband"

30.09.2020 Source: TUT.BY

The wife of political prisoner Ihar Losik told the media about the conditions of her husband's incarceration in Zhodzina jail. Daria Losik is sure that the jail administration is deliberately creating unbearable conditions for Ihar in the hope to break him and make him incriminate himself and other people. RFE/RL published a video with Daria's story in its Telegram channel.

— My husband Ihar Losik is a  consultant of RFE/RL. He was arrested on June 25 near home in Baranavichy. Since then neither I, nor our daughter Paulina, who hasn't turned 2 yet, nor his parents were able to see him, — says Daria.

She believes, the jail administration "consciously creates inhuman conditions" for her husband: they transfer him from one cell to another, deprive him of letters and newspapers, put him in a cell with a person with head lice, keep him in the basement, in a tiny cell, where it is impossible to even make a few steps.

— Let me be blunt about that — they created a torture chamber for my husband and our daughter's father, having put him in pretty beastly conditions.

Daria is sure they will not manage to wear her husband down and he will not bear false witness against himself or others.

— You will not achieve your goal by increasing pressure on Ihar. But you can overshoot the mark — emphasizes Daria Losik.

Daria addressed the Investigative Committee, the General Prosecutor's office, and the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime urging them to stop pressure on her husband,  to release him and stop humiliating him and their family.