Ways to support independent media on February 9. And every day

31.12.2022 Source: BAJ Press Service

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya made a global call to support independent media and journalists on the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus (February 9).

February 9 will mark 1.5 years of peaceful protest against violence, lawlessness, and state terror in Belarus.

"While the resistance of millions of Belarusians continues underground in various creative forms, independent media are at the forefront of the struggle. Courageous journalists, bloggers, and influential media figures keep up working in the country and exile, despite severe repression and personal insecurity."

We interviewed Belarusian editorial offices and prepared a small guide on how to support journalists and the media on February 9. And on other days too.


Support editorial offices or journalists financially

Mind that it is not always safe to do this in Belarus. Some media websites do not feature donation or subscription buttons. Here are some campaigns you can donate to:

Support BAJ

Support Zerkalo

Support Narodnaya Volia

Support Belsat journalists

Support Kyky

Support The Village Belarus

Support Euroradio

Support MediaSol, a company that helps journalists


Send letters, telegrams, and commissary money to people in jail

33 media representatives are behind bars at the moment. These are employees of different editorial offices, but each one of them would appreciate support from the outside. For some of our colleagues, the jail staff is setting up a real information blockade, illegally restricting correspondence. Therefore, every word of solidarity is important.

Our tips:

  • send registered mail

  • be sure to specify the sender's address and name

  • do not discuss political issues in letters.

Otherwise, the letters have very little chance of getting to the recipient. The current addresses of all our colleagues in captivity are available HERE.


Follow, share news, and communicate with the editors

Most media name stable communication with the audience, despite intimidation and blocking, as the main source of support for themselves. To support a publication, you can follow it on Telegram, share news from their site and send interesting information to the editorial office, if you come across anything newsworthy. Use VPN if you access media websites from Belarus!

Here is the collection of the most popular Belarusian media.

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