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Repressions against journalists in Belarus in March 2017 (Chart, updated)


The list includes incidents which the Belarusian Association of Journalists regards as violations of journalists' rights, committed by representatives of the authorities.

* CoAV – Code of Administrative Violations

art. 23.4 – Disobedience to police’s demands

art. 23.34 – Violating the procedure for organizing or holding a mass event

art. 22.9 – The law stipulates that a foreign mass medium’s journalist means “a natural person engaged in collection, editing, creation (preparation) of informational reports and/or materials for a legal person which is entrusted with functions of the editorial board of the mass medium, registered outside the Republic of Belarus, who is connected with this legal person through labor relations and has accreditation in the Republic of Belarus.”

art. 17. 1 – Minor hooliganism.

art. 24.6 - Evasion of appearing to the investigative or judicial execution body upon a summons without a reasonable excuse.

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