Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2021 (chart)

16.03.2021 Source: Прэс-служба ГА "Беларуская асацыяцыя журналістаў"

FIGURES OF THE YEAR. Repression of media and journalists in Belarus in 2020

Repressions against journalists in Belarus, 2020 (chart)

In 2020, 480 detentions of journalists were recorded;
In 2020, there were 97 cases of journalists serving administrative arrests;
In 2020, journalists spent more than 1,200 days behind bars;
In 2020, after election day on August 9, at least 62 cases of physical violence against journalists were recorded.

The list includes incidents which the Belarusian Association of Journalists regards as violations of journalists' rights, committed by representatives of the authorities.

The following journalists are in jail at the moment:

Katsiaryna  Barysevich
Katsiaryna Andreyeva
Daria Chultsova

Yulia Slutskaya
Alla Sharko
Siarhei Alsheuski
Petr Slutski
Ksenia Lutskina
Andrei Aliaksandrau
Dzianis Ivashyn
Andrej Pachobut (Andrzej Poczobut)
Siarhei Hardzievich, house arrest

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