The most important ethical issues in the Belarusian media - results of a survey of journalists


There are the most frequent violations of ethics in the Belarusian media that colleagues called  - engagement of journalists, unilateral flow of information and a reprint of materials without reference to the first source.

These are the results of research that were conducted among colleagues by the press service of the NGO "Belarusian Association of Journalists". BAJ members through an internal newsletter and on Facebook professional group were asked to rate the main problems of professional ethics they face more often.

The survey involved more than 200 members of the journalistic community. And that is how the views of respondents were distributed on scores from 0 up to 10

In addition to the fixed answers Belarusian journalists were asked to name their own ethical problems that they see in the media. We publish the most frequent opinion:

- the general perfunctory reflection of the problems in the country, conscious avoidance of complicated topics (for example corruption, work of industries), movement towards excessive light and entertaining texts, lack of economic intelligence;

- ignore of inconvenient facts and topics, unfortunately, is happening both in official and independent media;

- the most ethical violations are in the state media;

- discriminatory lack of information in relation to certain social groups;

- using of public media platform for solving particular conflicts, to insult personal opponents;

- using of low aspirations of people to attract attention.