Komsomolskaya pravda

23.08.2022 Source: БАЖ

Komsomolskaya pravda

Data correct as of 01.06.2022



Form of repression



17 August 2020

Ban on printing

Restrictions on the distribution of printed edition

The Belarusian Press House refused to print the new issue of the Komsomolskaya pravda.


The reason was the late delivery of the issue. The August 20 issue was not printed because the editors did not inform the printing house that it would be a double issue.


Subsequently, the editorial board received a letter from the printing house stating that, due to COVID-19, the company had problems obtaining parts and supplies for the machines. Therefore, they had to suspend printing, and the printing house had state newspapers as a priority.


Other Belarusian printing houses refused to print the newspaper.


As a result, the August 18 and 20 issues of the newspaper were not printed in Belarus. The issues for August 21, 22 and 25 were printed in Russia.


Belposhta and Belsayuzdruk stopped distributing Komsomolskaya pravda. The newspaper launched distribution through the editorial office, supermarkets, and chain stores.


26 August 2020

Unscheduled inspection

The State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus and the Inspectorate for Taxes and Duties started a comprehensive unscheduled inspection of the Komsomolskaya pravda publisher ZAO BelKP-Press.


There was no specific reason for starting the inspection.


29 September 2021

Website blocking

Access to the website of the Komsomolskaya pravda newspaper kp.by was blocked in Belarus by the decision of the Ministry of Information.


The Ministry of Information of Belarus stated that "the Internet resource kp.by made a publication that contained information contributing to the formation of threats to national security, which consisted in artificial aggravation of tension and confrontation in society, as well as between society and the state.


5 October 2021

Termination of mass media (online media) publiсation

It was decided to close the Belarusian editorial office of the Russian publishing house Komsomolskaya pravda.


The newspaper stopped its work.