Figures of the year. Unprecedented repressions against journalists since August 2020

09.08.2021 Source: BAJ News Service

BAJ presents data on an unprecedented wave of repression against the media in Belarus.

Since the Election Day on August 9, 2020, the Belarusian media sphere has suffered huge losses: many media outlets were ruined or forced to shut down, dozens of fellow journalists are behind bars, our colleagues have been sentenced on criminal charges, hundreds of searches, seizures of equipment, and arrests have been carried out, media employees have been prosecuted, and media outlets and journalists punished with numerous fines

Media figures since August 9, 2020

Journalists detained — 497 times

Violence against journalists, journalists injured -- 68 times

Journalists serving administrative arrests — 119 times

As of today, behind bars -- 29 media representatives

Media representatives under criminal prosecution — over 50 people

Searches and inspections in the homes of journalists and media offices -- 135

Access blocked to over 100 news and media sites

Publications that had to stop publishing — 10