Belsat TV channel

23.08.2022 Source: БАЖ

Belsat TV channel

Data correct as of 16.08.2022



Form of repression



9 August 2020

Website blocking

Belsat TV channel website belsat.eu was blocked in Belarus.


15 November 2020

Detention of journalists

While live streaming the violent dispersal of protesters at the Square of Changes in Minsk, journalists of the Belsat TV channel Katsiaryna Andreyeva (Bakhvalava) and Daria Chultsova were arrested.


The reporters were criminally charged with the organization of actions that grossly violate public order (Article 342 of the Criminal Code).


On 18 February 2021, the women were sentenced to two years in a general-regime correctional facility.


On 7 April 2022, it became known that Katsiaryna Andreyeva (Bakhvalava) was additionally charged with "treason" (part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code).


On 13 July 2022, she was sentenced to 8 years and 3 months of imprisonment.



21 May 2021

Search in the TV studio

A search took place in the Minsk studio where the Belsat TV channel shows were filmed. On that day, the technical staff was detained: a sound engineer and four cameramen, as well as the administrator of the studio used for shooting the Each of Us show.


The show was not filmed at that moment. The studio was prepared to record the next episode of the talk show.


The arrested staff were administratively detained and fined:


  • Aliaksandr Kulpo — 15 days;
  • Yauhen Merkis — a fine of $250;
  • Mikhail Kashkan — 15 days;
  • Maksim Yarashenka — 15 days;
  • Ryhor Piatrovich — 15 days;
  • Pavel Patapau — 15 days.


21 July 2021

Declaring content extremist

The Chyhunachny District Court of Homel recognized the contents of "the BELSAT TV Internet resource with the identifier belsat.eu", social media, messenger services, and the logo of the TV channel as extremist.


Now readers may be held administratively liable under Part 2 Article 19.11 of the Administrative Offenses Code (a fine of $100-300) for disseminating information linking to Belsat TV resources.


31 October 2021

Detention of journalists

Iryna Slaunikava, a former Belsat TV channel employee, was detained. 


She became a suspect under part 1 of Article 342 of the Criminal Code ("Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order or active participation in such action") and was also accused of running an extremist formation under part 1 of Article 361-1 of the Criminal Code.


On 3 August 2022, Iryna was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.


3 November 2021

Recognition as an extremist formation

The decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus dated 03.11.2021 No. 10EK "On the recognition of a group of citizens as an extremist formation and the prohibition of its activities" determined that "a group of citizens united through the BELSAT TV Internet resources carries out extremist activities".


The BELSAT TV extremist formation was included in the Register of Organizations, Formations, and Individual Entrepreneurs Involved in Extremist Activity under No. 12.


Establishment or participation in an extremist formation is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment from 2 to 10 years (Article 3611 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus).


4 March 2022

Declaring content extremist

The Tsentralny District Court of Minsk declared extremist the logos (watermarks) of the BELSAT TV channel, including the "images of Katsiaryna Bakhvalava and Daria Chultsova on orange background with an owl in white and orange color.


Dissemination of "extremist information" is punishable under Part 2 of Article 19.11 of the Administrative Offenses Code (a fine of $100-300).