Belarus. The quantitative media results of the year 2018


15 - journalists have been charged in the BelTA case 

14 months - in custody spent by Regnum case defendants before trial on charges of inciting ethnic and social hatred or discord .

31 - cases of journalists detained by law enforcement bodies.

10 - detentions led to placement journalists in custody for up to 3 days.

26 - searches in journalists' and bloggers' apartments, and media offices.

118 - fines imposed on freelance journalists for collaborating with foreign media without accreditation. 

43, 000 Euro - is the total amount of fines imposed on journalists working with foreign media without accreditation. 

62, 000, 000 Euro  - allocated for state-owned mass media funding in 2019 in the national budget.

(Infographics of funding since 2009)

155 - (out of 180) is the ranking of Belarus in the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders.

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