BAJ to sit on supervisory board for mass media

11.06.2020 Source: BAJ News Service

The Central Election Commission of Belarus has created a Supervisory Board for the period of the election campaign to monitor compliance with the procedure and rules for conducting election campaigning in the media.

As before, the Supervisory Board is to consider disputes related to the use of mass media, as well as appeals from voters and organizations about violations of the campaigning rules. Among other things, the Supervisory Board is entitled to make recommendations and opinions on the use of mass media during the election period.

This year, Andrei Bastunets, BAJ Chairman, has become a member of the Supervisory Board. He is the only representative of the non-state media sector in the Board.

Other members of the Board are: first Deputy Minister of Information Pavel Liohki (Chairman), Deputy Chairman of the pro-governmental Belarusian Union of Journalists Siarhei Sverkunou (Deputy Chairman), former Information Minister and current MP Liliya Ananich (Secretary), representatives of state TV and radio company Anton Vasiukevich and Hleb Shulman, Deputy Director of the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House Mikhail Liabedzik.