Mass media in Belarus № 2 (55). January — June, 2018

A range of amendments was introduced into the Belarusian mass media legislation in June 2018. They tightened governmental control over the media field and the Internet in particular. However, it should be noted that even before that the state regulation in this field had been one of the strictest in the region. It is worth mentioning the restricted access to a popular Web-site in Belarus, criminal cases, connected to the freedom of expression of opinions, and the reinforced pressure on freelance journalists for their cooperation with foreign media among the events and tendencies in the Belarusian mass media field in the first half-year 2018. There were continued arbitrary detentions of journalists and registered other obstacles to their activity. All that was taking place against the background of the commenced dialogue between Belarus and the EU and the statements about liberalization in the country, delivered by Belarusian authorities.


E-NEWSLETTER: MASS MEDIA IN BELARUS Bulletin #4(50) (October – December 2016)

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