E-NEWSLETTER: MASS MEDIA IN BELARUS Bulletin #4(50) (October – December 2016)

  Mass Media Annual Results 2016 in Figures Main Events in Mass Media Field in October-December 2016  


E-NEWSLETTER: MASS MEDIA IN BELARUS Bulletin #1(47) (January – March 2016)

“There exists a certain probability that the Web-content will be tracked more actively than before, in order to stop dissemination of negative rumors or people’s self-organization attempts…”, - Pauliuk Bykouski, media expert.


E-NEWSLETTER: MASS MEDIA IN BELARUS Bulletin #6(46) Brief Annual Review

The Presidential election was the main factor that influenced the situation of mass media in Belarus in 2015. The election was held on October 11, 2015. On the eve of the Presidential election, the authorities introduced stricter norms into the media legislation and its application practice. Apparently, the decision was also grounded on the intention of Belarusian government to reinforce control over the media coverage of the gradually aggravating economic situation in the country.