Андрэй Дынько: Бюджэтныя датацыі павінны стаць даступнымі для недзяржаўных СМІ

Media in Belarus Conference, Day Two

On the conference’ second day, the speakers touched upon the issues of economic hardships, copyright disputes and the specific of online transition of traditional independent mass media. Some remarkable excerpts from the conference can be found below.

часопіс «Имена»

Journalism as Problem Solving

At the conference Delovoy Internet, the founder of magazine Imena Katsiaryna Siniuk told about the most successful actions, psychological pressure and work of the first public-supported mass medium.

Эдуард Пальчыс пра СІЗА, ФСБ і СМІ

John Silver Interview: Informational Isolation is the Hardest

In all interviews, Eduard Palchys says that he hasn’t got used to being a media person after the release. The press service of BAJ asked several questions to the “ordinary man” – about intelligence investigations over Belarusian activists by FSB, depression in detention, Russian-language nationalism and mass media reach in prisons.

Андрэй Скурко: Хто не хоча падтрымліваць сваю прэсу, будзе “карміць” Дзмітрыя Кісялёва

"Our people know three things: how to run the state, play football and publish Nasha Niva"

The press service of BAJ has talked to Andrei Skurko, the editor-in-chief of Nasha Niva newspaper, to find out what will change in the strategy of the newspaper after it starts being a monthly plus digital newspaper, purely in Belarusian independent outlet.

Агнешка Рамашэўская, фота БелаПАН

Belsat Director in a Public Meeting at Press Club in Minsk

“Minsk is changing a lot, and there is a drastic difference between the capital and the province” this is how Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy formulated her fresh impressions from Belarus. It is the second time in the decade that Mrs Romaszewska visits Belarus: after she was deported in 2005, for ten years she had been denied a visa to Belarus. On May 31, the Press Club Belarus held a public meeting with Belsat director, after she made a trip to the north of the country and before another trip to southern regions. She told about nowadays Belsat, their expectations, and answered the questions of the public.

Супольная пазіцыя беларускіх праваабаронцаў напярэдадні чарговага раунда Дыялога па правах чалавека ЕС - Беларусь

Common position of Belarusian human rights defenders ahead of the next round of the EU-Belarus human rights dialogue

Belarusian human rights organizations welcome the continuation of the EU-Belarus human rights dialogue. On the eve of its next round, we call on the parties to keep the issues of human rights high on the agenda in building relationships between the European Union and Belarus and announce our common position on human rights in Belarus.

Кастусь Жукоўскі

Recidivist from Journalism (interview from Abajour, abridged)

Kastus Zhukouski manages to do journalism, civil activism and defense of his own rights. Local law enforcement agencies take his name as a synonym to the word “opposition”. He is not going to reassure them, though.

Сабрына Бабоўскі. Як маладая дзяўчына з Берліна спрабуе развіваць беларускую журналістыку

Young German Aspiring to Develop Belarusian Media

For one year already, Sabrina Bobowski has been the head of the School of Journalism at the IBB center organizing dozens of events, meetings and educational trips for journalists. Press service of BAJ talked to Sabrina about how she works to develop journalism in Belarus and to change people’s mentality.

Андрей Бастунец о «Клубе редакторов»: передача вышла в эфир без купюр

Andrei Bastunets Speaks in Editors’ Club

On Sunday, the TV channel Belarus 1 broadcast the program Editors’ Club, with the participation of the chairperson of BAJ Andrei Bastunets. Independent journalists requested for access to the program themselves two weeks ago. 

“Еўрарадыё” 10 гадоў: марым атрымаць FM-частату ў Беларусі

Euroradio Turns 10

On February 26, 2006, the European Radio for Belarus went on air for the first time. BAJ asked the head of the radio Vital Zybliuk to tell about the useful experience, lessons learnt and hopes.