The Least Open Governmental Institutions for Journalists – the Operational and Analytical Centre, the Ministry of Information and the KGB

They are followed by the Council of the Republic, the Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Administration.


How Much Journalists and Editors Earn in Belarus Regions has viewed vacancies and salary offers in regional state and non-state mass media.

The Ambassador of Germany about the Media Influence, Information Security, and the Future for Eastern Europe

The Ambassador of Germany about the Media Influence, Information Security, and the Future for Eastern Europe

The Ambassador of Germany to Belarus Peter Dettmar has been interviewed by the Belarusian Association of Journalists. The BAJ Press Service officers inquired the Ambassador about the future of Eastern Europe, the information security and the influence of new media on the public opinion.


Media Problems in Belarus: Between the Present and the Future

Belarus is usually placed at the bottom of international press freedom rankings, distinguishing itself by the degree of the government’s control over information space.


Killing Pavel: Investigation of the Assasination of Pavel Sheremet

The editorial office of the civil Slidstvo. Info jointlly with the international network of investigative journalists OCCRP presented a movie about the murder of the famous journalist.


Beaten Reporter Tells Circumstances of Detention

We survey foreign journalists who reported detention during the month in Belarus, in order to analyze the risks that foreign journalists face in Belarus. The following information has been given partially from the questionnaire, partially from the interview to the Radio Svaboda Ukrainian service.

Заява ГА "Беларуская асацыяцыя журналістаў" у сувязі з затрыманнямі журналістаў 12 сакавіка і судовымі працэсамі над імі

BAJ Protests against the Wave of Detentions, Demands Justice

The Belarusian Association of Journalists strongly protests against the massive detentions of journalists and actions of law enforcement agencies concerning our colleagues.

“Дарожная карта” беларускім уладам і метады барацьбы з прапагандай

Media in Belarus Conference: Challenges and Chances

The two-day conference “Mass Media in Belarus: Challenges and Chances” gathered media professionals, civil society and governmental officials from Belarus and abroad. Some important messages below briefly explain what issues are faced by journalistic community in Belarus, and not only, from the perspective of laws and politics.

Андрэй Дынько: Бюджэтныя датацыі павінны стаць даступнымі для недзяржаўных СМІ

Media in Belarus Conference, Day Two

On the conference’ second day, the speakers touched upon the issues of economic hardships, copyright disputes and the specific of online transition of traditional independent mass media. Some remarkable excerpts from the conference can be found below.